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Brady: The American People are Putting Checks and Balances on Biden’s Extreme Agenda

November 16, 2022

American workers who were receiving a pay raise every month after Republican Tax Reform are now receiving a pay cut under President Biden, Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on “Kudlow” with Larry Kudlow on Fox Business. In a new majority, Republicans will push for more policies that deliver for workers and small businesses.


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A Republican Majority will put checks and balances on President Biden’s extreme agenda.


“The American people are putting checks and balances on  Biden’s extreme agenda. That is important. We have a chance to challenge those regulations and executive actions. We have the power of the purse, which isn’t infinite, but creates great leverage going forward. 


“When you have a pro-growth, pro-security, pro-family, pro-privacy agenda, and limited government, you’ve got to pass bills that lay out what life in a Republican Congress means for working families. We have a real opportunity to do that next year.”


Making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent is key to fixing Biden’s economy.


“Tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of the House moving the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act through the House and on to the Senate. 


“It changed the trajectory not only of the economy but for working families. Their paychecks were going up twice as fast as inflation. Every month a pay raise, not a pay cut like under Joe Biden. Those are policies you see continue through a Republican majority in the House.” 


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President Biden’s unfair student debt giveaway will drive inflation and doesn’t pass legal muster.


“One, I don’t know how a court could just seriously agree that any President had the power to write off half a trillion dollars of student loans based on a war provision from 9/11. Secondly, I think it probably achieved what he had hoped, which was to convince some people there is a lot of free money, but I also think it backfired at the polls because of the unfairness. 


“If Congress wants to do something about student loans, fine, but even pausing the repayment is inflationary. It’s time to get back to normal on this. We’ve got a lot of folks who were paying their student debts even during COVID and that is the responsible way to go.”


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