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President Biden Doubles Down on His War on American Energy

November 29, 2022

“When President Biden rammed through $300 billion or more in higher taxes, the bulk of it was on Made-in-America manufacturing,” Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on the Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox News Radio. Rep. Brady warns Biden’s tax hikes on American manufacturing leave families and businesses vulnerable to rising prices and more supply chain disruptions at a time we need more investment here in America, not an economic surrender that advantages China.


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President Biden has no plan to end his “War on Energy.” Instead, he’s putting more red tape on American energy producers while begging Venezuela for oil.


“The [Biden Administration] has been pledging for months and months that they were not going to ease sanctions on Venezuela, and that they were not reaching out to them to produce more oil in their desperation. 


“But in truth, they never stopped talking to Venezuela about this. This is typical Biden diplomacy: Our enemies get everything, and we get little to nothing. We embolden our enemies around the world while discouraging our allies. 


“In Texas we’ve got the solution with American-Made energy and lowering gas prices for the long term. But this President’s Green New Deal religion won’t allow him to let America produce.”


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Democrats piled tax hikes on Made-in-America manufacturing, leaving the U.S. vulnerable to rising prices and supply chain disruptions.


“We need more investment here in the U.S. When President Biden rammed through $300 billion in higher taxes, the bulk of it was on Made-in-America manufacturing. 


“This makes no sense at a time we need more investment in our supply chain and we need more investment here in America. He’s actually taxing these companies for building in the U.S. It makes absolutely no sense at all.”


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The Supreme Court’s dangerous decision to allow Congress to obtain and make public former President Trump’s tax returns opens the door for a new political battleground where no citizen is safe.


“The Supreme Court made a huge mistake on Trump’s tax returns. They turned on its head the law that protects private citizens from being targeted with their tax returns by Congress. 


“This is about the Court giving a majority party in either chamber of Congress almost unlimited power to target and make public the tax returns of political enemies. 


“Here’s the key: They won’t just target people in office. They’ll target the people they don’t like, whether it’s you, Supreme Court Justices they don’t like, campaign contributors they don’t like locally or or nationally, business, labor leaders – either party could do this. It’s dangerous for any party in Congress to have this power. 


“The Supreme Court made a huge mistake here because now Congress could use the IRS as a political weapon almost without limits.”


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