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Brady, DelBene Introduce Resolution to Open New Markets for American Clean Energy Products, Create Jobs, Reduce Emissions

December 14, 2022

House Ways and Means Committee Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX)along with Ways and Means Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-WA), released the following statement after introducing a bipartisan resolution to boost trade in environmental goods and technologies and launch negotiations to complete a new environmental goods agreement:


“Promoting trade in environmental products, especially with countries with market-based economies and high labor and environmental standards, would boost American export opportunities, reduce global emissions, and help level the playing field for American workers.  


“The United States is a global leader in cutting-edge technologies that reduce carbon emissions. Working with our allies and partners to expand trade in these products, with a view to negotiating a new environmental goods agreement, is an opportunity to create U.S. jobs, keep us competitive against China, and support U.S. allies.”


CLICK HERE to read the resolution.


Key Action Items in this Resolution: 

  • Encourage the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to engage with U.S. trade allies and identify U.S. goods that would have a positive impact on the environment if trade in those goods increased;
  • Facilitate trade in environmental goods by updating the list of 303 environmental products that was developed during previous negotiations that ended in 2016;
  • Launch negotiations to complete and implement an ambitious new environmental goods agreement with updated product coverage;
  • Deepen engagement with allies by urging U.S. trading partners to take immediate action to remove barriers to environmental good imports from the United States.



  • American technological ingenuity and innovation create jobs, strengthen U.S. green manufacturing, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the environment.
  • Despite our technological and quality edge, the United States lags behind China and the EU in exports of environmental goods, in part due to tariffs and other barriers countries impose.
  • Other countries have high tariffs on American-made clean technology products, which makes American products more expensive, discourages their use, and disadvantages U.S. manufacturers and workers.
  • Launching new environmental goods agreement negotiations would support American workers and make American clean energy products competitive worldwide.


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