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J. Smith: Republicans Will Steer America Back From Path of Reckless Inflationary Spending

December 30, 2022

“Today, as we look back on the last two years, we can see the damage caused by a Congress that spends without guardrails. Since President Biden was sworn in, federal government spending has increased by $10 trillion,” writes Ways and Means Member Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) in a new op-ed for the Daily Caller.

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Read the full op-ed here.


Democrats’ irresponsible policies that have fueled inflation to record-highs are hurting working families.

  • “Two years ago, Democrats began their one-party rule of Washington by passing a massive $2 trillion bill which led to the highest spike in prices in 40 years. That inflation crisis has now stolen nearly two months’ worth of pay from every working American since Joe Biden took the oath of office.”
  • “For the last 10 years, up until President Biden took office, Congress had capped annual discretionary spending increases by an average of 2 percent per year […] Since that law’s expiration, spending has increased by a combined 16 percent over the last two years.”
  • “Our debt crisis is growing increasingly out of control in part because Democrats spent their time over the past two years ramming trillions in new spending through Congress to fund a radical agenda marked by handouts to the wealthy environmentalists, billions spent on policies to keep people at home and dependent on government and massive slush funds to state and local governments to fund a wish list of pet projects.”

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The latest spending bill, which was rushed through Congress, only adds to already painful inflationary pressure and a skyrocketing national debt.

  • “The latest spending bill, introduced in the middle of the night and passed three days later, is particularly egregious given it was jammed through just days before a Republican majority will gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives.”
  • “Unfortunately, without a Republican majority to hold them in check, Democrats in their most recent spending bill, instead of offsetting their spending through cuts, decided to waive that law and add an additional $260 billion to the nation’s debt.”
  • “Last week’s massive end-of-the-year spending bill — which increased spending by 9 percent on top of the 7 percent increase over the year prior — was the latest and hopefully the last.”

As part of their Commitment to America, the Republican majority will hold the government accountable and rein in reckless spending.

  • “The American people voted for a new Republican majority to put a stop to the reckless spending and get our fiscal house in order. They expect us to use every tool at our disposal — including the debt limit — to force changes to spending, get our border under control, and reignite American energy production.”
  • “With Republicans in charge of the House of Representatives, we will work to bring reckless spending to an end and use opportunities like a debate over the next debt limit increase to address the various crises born under one-party Democrat rule in Washington.”

Read the full op-ed here.