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Smith: Biden’s War on Working Class Intensifies with Supercharged IRS Stepping Up Enforcement Against Tipped Service Workers

February 09, 2023

Washington, DC – In another instance of President Biden violating his pledge not to use the newly supercharged IRS against workers earning less than $400,000 a year, the tax collection agency announced a new dragnet to ensure workers properly report their tips. The program, according to an IRS announcement, is “to improve tip reporting compliance” but is just the latest effort to scrutinize the income of working families. Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (MO-08) issued the following statement blasting the move:

“Joe Biden’s radical war on the working class just expanded to tipped workers, further proof that working-class Americans who make less than $75,000 will bear the brunt of over 710,000 new IRS audits under the newly supercharged IRS. While the President talked a big game about going after billionaires in his partisan State of the Union address, it’s clear that the White House is doubling down on crazy and prioritizing going after hardworking middle-class employees.

“This is just the latest attack on the working class – the Biden IRS is still seeking ways to conduct surveillance on Americans’ personal bank transactions, and has merely delayed requiring full reporting of Venmo transactions for people selling used furniture. Ways and Means will demand accountability from the Administration which is undeterred in shaking down blue-collar workers and middle class families for every penny to fund its welfare for the wealthy and extreme left-wing agenda.”