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Smith on Ingraham Angle: “The Republican Party is the Party of the Working Class”

March 01, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC – Promoting working class families over special interests in the Ways and Means Committee has corporate America in an uproar, said Chairman Jason Smith (MO-08) in an interview with Fox News’s Laura Ingraham Monday evening.

“The Republican party is the party of the working class. Who would have thought that the fact you said your priority is the American worker, small businesses, and family farmers, that would turn K street into a tizzy, but it’s all about what our priorities are in the party.”

Securing America’s strategic supply chains, holding the Biden Administration accountable on trade, and examining companies that have sold out to China will be among the committee’s priorities, Smith said:

“We have to make sure we are bringing back our strategic supply chains to the United States. We need to make sure we are energy secure, food secure, and health care secure. And we also need to go after these companies that have lost their American identity and have become beholden to China, and then they still expect a taxpayer handout. These are the items we have to look at in the Ways and Means Committee. We have to push this Administration on trade, because the Biden Administration has been out to lunch on trade. They’ve allowed China to steamroll us.”

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