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Never Enough – Biden Budget Seeks Absurd $43.2 Billion for IRS Despite Receiving Unprecedented $80 Billion Windfall Just Last Year

March 09, 2023

President Biden’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 budget request calls for an additional 43.2 billion for the IRS and bizarre woke and climate priorities for Treasury over improving the dysfunctional IRS.

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Biden Doubles Down on Supercharged IRS with $43.2 Billion Request.

  • The Administration’s $43.2 billion boondoggle breaks down like this:
    • $14.1 billion annual budget request for FY 2024 – a 15 percent increase.
    • An additional $29.1 billion in mandatory funding for enforcement and operations.
  • Honest, hardworking American families are worried that the $80 billion from last year will mean more audits and government monitoring. Now the Biden Administration wants to add another $43.2 billion for the IRS, including $39.5 billion – more than 91 percent of requested funding – dedicated solely to enforcement and operations.

Bizarre Woke and Climate Priorities Leave Taxpayers Behind.

  • Install the Woke Agenda into the Treasury Department, the IRS, and the Tax Code: President Biden is seeking to “Advance equity across all Treasury programs.”
  • Put radical environmentalist policies at the forefront of Treasury: President Biden wants hardworking taxpayers to “support Treasury’s Climate Hub” and “establish a climate-related technical support center to conduct assessments of climate-related risks across government programs.”
  • Audit the middle class and small businesses: The President is not proposing any protections from increased audits for taxpayers making less than $400,000.
  • Continue the abuse of taxpayers’ privacy: There is no proposal that would protect the confidentiality of taxpayer information at the IRS following the massive leak to ProPublica nearly two years ago.
  • Monitor Americans selling used couches: There is no mention of relief for taxpayers from onerous information reporting requirements for the basic act of selling a couch or a concert ticket online.

Bottom line: The Biden Budget is yet another step in the Democrats’ long-term plan to squeeze every penny out of honest Americans through tax increases and aggressive auditing from a supercharged IRS.