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Chairman Smith Opening Statement – Markup of Documents Protected Under Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code

December 05, 2023

“This evidence from these new documents makes it clear that Joe Biden lied about not only his knowledge, but seemingly his involvement.”

As prepared for delivery.

“The Committee will now proceed with review of the new documents provided by Mr. Ziegler to the Committee. These documents are more evidence that President Biden was not forthcoming and honest with the American people when he said that he had no knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings. It also shows the incredible level of access Hunter Biden and his business associates had in Vice President Biden’s office while working for foreign businesses.     

“One document alone provides data on hundreds of emails showing that Joe Biden used aliases to communicate one-on-one directly with Hunter Biden’s business partner who set up the Biden shell companies, and that the White House communicated directly with Hunter Biden while he was out selling the Biden brand around the world. 

“Exhibit 606 provides only a small window into Joe Biden’s use of private email addresses and aliases. But, the data here is very interesting. The file reveals 327 emails. 38 emails were sent from the White House to Joe Biden’s alias accounts with Hunter Biden copied on them. Fifty-four e-mails that show Joe Biden e-mailing one-on-one with Hunter Biden’s business partner, Eric Schwerin, the close advisor who structured the Biden shell companies. 

“Suspiciously, email traffic between Joe Biden and Schwerin would routinely increase before and after the Vice President’s various trips to Ukraine. In the days before Joe Biden’s June 2014 trip, he and Schwerin exchanged five emails. After that trip and before the Vice President’s November trip back to Ukraine, he and Schwerin emailed an astonishing 27 times. After the November trip, Vice President Biden threatened the President of Ukraine he would withhold $1 billion in foreign aid if a prosecutor looking into corruption at Burisma wasn’t fired. The prosecutor was later fired. That pattern repeated itself for Biden’s other Ukraine trips.

“Hundreds of messages from alias emails raise questions of whether Joe Biden was trying to hide the existence and content of these messages. If investigators had not been stonewalled, the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax fraud and business dealings would have naturally laid bare Joe Biden’s direct involvement.

“The documents also help show why investigators wanted to look into possible criminal campaign finance violations. These suspicions stem from Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris spending over $2 million to pay Hunter Biden’s unpaid taxes. James Biden, the President’s brother, told the FBI that despite not knowing who Morris was, he was told to thank him on behalf of the family. When questioned by investigators, Hunter Biden’s tax preparer referred to Morris as an advisor to both Hunter and the Biden family.

“According to Exhibit 607A, provided by Mr. Ziegler, in February 2020, just weeks before the Super Tuesday primary elections that would decide the future of Joe Biden’s candidacy, Morris emailed Hunter Biden’s business team that his unpaid taxes posed ‘considerable risk personally and politically.’ What makes this bizarre is that Morris and Hunter Biden had only recently met – in fact, they met for the first time just two months before this e-mail was sent. 

“This email shows that the whistleblowers’ concerns in investigating potential campaign finance charges against the Biden campaign were founded. Kevin Morris seems to have treated Hunter Biden’s unpaid taxes as a political liability he needed to fix for the Biden family. 

“This evidence from these new documents makes it clear that Joe Biden lied about not only his knowledge, but seemingly his involvement. They show that the Biden name was being sold around the world in exchange for access and influence. And that investigators were stopped at every turn from pursuing leads that would have led to Joe Biden. 

“I urge my colleagues to vote to release these documents to help the American people see the facts for themselves about Joe Biden’s conduct.”