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Chairman Smith Opening Statement – Oversight & Accountability Committee Hearing on Joe Biden’s Abuse of Public Office

March 20, 2024

As prepared for delivery.

“Thank you Chairman Comer and Ranking Member Raskin. 

“From the beginning of this investigation, we’ve made clear that we will follow the facts wherever they lead. The facts have led us to two conclusions: One, the Biden Family has for years traded on Joe Biden’s name in order to rake in millions of dollars. Often doing so with his direct knowledge and clear involvement.  

“Two, President Biden has been continually dishonest with the American people about his knowledge of his family’s business dealings. 

“We have testimony from multiple witnesses that Joe Biden was ‘the brand.’ He knew what his son and brother were doing and did nothing to stop it. That alone makes him complicit in a scheme to make money off of his public service. But he was not just complicit, he was – as one of today’s witnesses has testified – an ‘enabler’ of this activity.

“The evidence of the two IRS whistleblowers who came to the Ways and Means Committee has been affirmed by volumes of material provided to Congress, by the testimony of others, and even by the Department of Justice who finally brought charges against Hunter Biden that mirror those called for by IRS investigators.

“The evidence obtained shows that:

  • Joe Biden met with his son’s business partners on multiple occasions.
  • He used an alias to exchange dozens of emails with his son’s bookkeeper.
  • He took official government action that suspiciously coincided with those meetings and correspondence.

“The connections between Joe Biden and his son’s business practices extended even to the Biden 2020 campaign. At the height of the Democrat primary, Kevin Morris, a Hollywood lawyer who met Hunter Biden at a Joe Biden campaign fundraiser, paid off Hunter Biden’s tax liabilities because there was, in his words, ‘risk personally and politically’ if that matter was not swept under the rug. Investigators that were interested in pursuing a potential criminal campaign finance violation were told to stand down.

“The Biden family relied on the Biden brand so much that evidence has revealed that Hunter Biden believed that ‘all this stuff’ – meaning his legal troubles – would all go away when his dad became President.

“Why did he believe that? Because for years, the Biden family has personally benefited from Joe Biden’s position of power. Joe Biden knew this. He did nothing to stop it, and he lied about it.”