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Brady on Fox Business: “I think the design of this bill really tackles the economic challenges”

March 24, 2020 — Blog    — Coronavirus Bulletin    — In Case You Missed It...   

Ways and Means Republican Leader Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Stuart Varney on Fox Business to talk about the federal response to the novel coronavirus.

On Dems’ delay:

“I am frustrated. Three days – that is how long we’ve lost when Nancy Pelosi rode into town and really bullied the Senate Democrats into holding this bill hostage.”

On the Phase Three package:

“I do think that the money that is focused on helping workers keep their jobs, the money that is focused on businesses and small businesses to keep them open to ride this out, and making sure that businesses are around so that there are jobs for people to return to, I think that is exactly the right approach.”  

“Plus, I think helping our hospitals, health care providers, they are going to need more resources right now. I think the design of this bill really tackles the economic challenges.” 

On helping workers:  

“It looks like about $350 billion is focused on those who have lost their jobs, those who have had their hours cut, and those who are furloughed. … There is extra money to help compliment what the states are doing for unemployment to act fast there. There is help for those workers who have been laid off.”

“A lot of this focus is on helping workers keep their jobs. We have to keep these small businesses and distressed industries working, helping them ride this out.”

CLICK HERE to watch the full interview.