The Surprising True Story of NAFTA

June 04, 2015 — Blog

The United States has a large trade SURPLUS with NAFTA, excluding oil/energy trade NAFTA is generating large and consistent U.S. trade surpluses:  Excluding crude oil and other energy products trade, the United States had an overall trade surplus with Canada and Mexico of $41.4 billion in 2014. Our NAFTA trade surplus extends across all three major ...

The Time for TPA Is Now

June 03, 2015 — Blog

Why now? What’s the urgency for trade promotion authority (TPA)? That’s the question some ask as the House moves toward a vote this month. The answer is, the world is watching. The world is moving ahead with or without us. And securing TPA later, even under a Republican president, doesn’t get any easier. Without TPA Soon, Pending Trade Agreements ...

NEW VIDEO: Speaker Boehner Puts TPA in Focus

June 03, 2015 — Blog

This morning, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is out with a new video that talks about what TPA—or trade promotion authority—is really all about. As the speaker explains, TPA is about jobs, and it’s about holding the president accountable. We use TPA to close out important ...

Ways and Means One Step Ahead of New CNN Investigation

June 03, 2015 — Blog

Last month, Republican members of the House Ways and Means Committee introduced a series of bills to strengthen the integrity of our unemployment insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits programs—and for good reason. As a

Free Trade and Good Jobs

June 02, 2015 — Blog

The federal government recently revised its estimate of first-quarter GDP growth from a 0.2 percent increase to a 0.7 percent decrease. And one of the biggest drags was a growing trade deficit. The U.S. economy is slowing, and exports are falling as the U.S. stands still on ...

American Farm Bureau: Pass TPA

June 02, 2015 — Blog

We’ve documented how much rural America stands to gain from trade. Huge new markets in which to sell American agricutlural products. Stronger rules to allow American farmers and ranchers to compete on ...

Free Trade and Free Enterprise

June 01, 2015 — Blog

"As conservatives, we have always believed in free trade—because free trade is essential to free enterprise." That was part of the message from Chairman Ryan to his Republican colleagues this morning. Trade debates invariably get muddied by misinformation from those ...

Clear Majority of Americans Support Free Trade, Says Pew Survey

May 27, 2015 — Blog

Fifty-eight percent—that’s how many Americans think trade agreements are good for the U.S., according to survey results released today by the Pew Research Center. Just 33 percent disagree. In other words, a majority of Americans support free trade. The survey found that ...

Krauthammer: Vote for TPA Washington Post op-ed

May 15, 2015 — Blog

    By Charles Krauthammer That free trade is advantageous to both sides is the rarest of political propositions—provable, indeed mathematically. David Ricardo did so in 1817. The Law of Comparative Advantage has held up nicely for 198 years. Nor is this ...