Wall Street Journal Editorial: Disabling a Budget Con

January 16, 2015 — Blog

Congress last year unanimously closed a loophole that allowed surviving Nazi war criminals to claim Social Security benefits, but that’s where the entitlement reform consensus ends. Now the political left is melting down over a modest budget change that could require Congress to be honest about the Social Security disability program’s fiscal problems and ...

A Full Workweek Means a Full Paycheck

January 08, 2015 — Blog

Obamacare is burying businesses in red tape, and it’s hurting their employees' bottom line. So today, the House will vote to protect the 40-hour workweek—and workers’ paychecks with it—when it takes up

Bringing Tax Certainty for Families and Small Business

February 04, 2014 — Blog

"We need to fix our tax code—for everybody." That was the message from House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) yesterday. And today, the committee is turning words into action by moving forward on bills to provide tax certainty for those too often forgotten about in tax policy: Everyday Americans and small businesses. Yes, ...