Reforming Welfare and Expanding Opportunity for Low-income Families

June 08, 2018 — Blog

Two years ago this week, (pictured below) House Republicans released their plan to expand opportunity for America’s low-income families and reduce poverty in our country. As part of the Better Way agenda—that included passing historic tax reform last year— this plan focused on ...

Subcommittee Reviews Social Security’s Solvency

June 08, 2018 — Blog

The Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX), held a hearing entitled “Examining Social Security’s Solvency Challenge: The Status of Social Security’s Trust Funds.” This hearing followed the release ...

WSJ Editorial Board: The GOP’s Welfare to Work Pitch

June 06, 2018 — Blog

Wall Street Journal The GOP’s Welfare to Work Pitch By WSJ Editorial Board June 5, 2018 The low U.S. labor force participation rate has several causes, but a major one is the disincentive to work created by government programs. The Republican Party’s growth wing ...