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Opening Statements

Chairman Smith Remarks at Rules Committee: Fiscal Responsibility Act

May 30, 2023 — Opening Statements

As prepared for delivery. "Chairman Cole, Ranking Member McGovern, thank you for the opportunity to say a few words about the legislation before us that addresses the debt ceiling and begins to address the spending binge that got us here. "Let’s start by talking about why we are here a mere few days prior to potential default. It’s because the Biden Administration refused to ...

Health Subcommittee Chairman Buchanan Opening Statement – Hearing on Why Health Care is Unaffordable: Anticompetitive and Consolidated Markets

May 17, 2023 — Health

As prepared for delivery. "Today’s hearing will focus on the health care marketplace and how it’s become more consolidated and less competitive in recent years, leading to higher prices and fewer options for patients.   "There are many factors that contribute to this problem, and we need to work together and find ...

Chairman Smith Opening Statement: Hearing on IRS Accountability & Transparency

April 27, 2023 — Opening Statements

As prepared for delivery. "Commissioner Werfel, thank you for being here today. "I first want to address an issue that has been widely reported. Last week, a whistleblower came forward with troubling claims about abuses of power. We are conducting a review of this matter and will go wherever the facts lead us. I expect full ...

Chairman Smith Opening Statement: Hearing on on Tax-Exempt Hospitals and the Community Benefit Standard

April 26, 2023 — Opening Statements

As prepared for delivery. "Thank you, Chairman Schweikert and Ranking Member Pascrell.   "Today the Oversight Subcommittee is meeting to examine the tax-exempt status of nonprofit hospitals to ensure they are operating in the best interests of patients, communities, and taxpayers. As the committee with oversight jurisdiction over the IRS, the tax code, tax administration, ...