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Social Security

Three Top Moments From Social Security Subcommittee Hearing on Identity Fraud

May 26, 2023 — Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Wednesday, the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security held a hearing to discuss the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) responsibility to do more to protect Americans from Social Security number (SSN)-related identity theft, as well as the government’s failure to help individuals whose SSNs have been ...

Chairman Smith Opening Statement: Hearing on the Social Security Administration’s Role in Combatting Identity Fraud

May 24, 2023 — Opening Statements

As prepared for delivery. "Chairman Ferguson, Ranking Member Larson – thank you for the opportunity to share a few remarks on this important topic that affects every American. "We all know someone who has had to go through the ordeal of Identity Theft. One of the reasons I wanted to hold this hearing was after learning about everything our former colleague, Governor Kristi ...

Top Three Moments from Social Security Subcommittee Hearing on the Program’s Fundamentals

April 27, 2023 — Press Releases

WASHINGTON, DC – At a Social Security Subcommittee hearing to establish a fact-based foundation and understanding about the imbalance in Social Security’s finances, Ways and Means members and witnesses discussed the need for bipartisan cooperation to save and strengthen the program so that its retirement Trust Fund can be protected against looming financial challenges in the ...

Social Security Subcommittee Chairman Ferguson – Hearing on Social Security Fundamentals: A Fact-Based Foundation

April 26, 2023 — Opening Statements

As prepared for delivery. "Good morning, the Subcommittee will come to order. "It is my privilege as Chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee to welcome everyone to our first hearing in the 118th Congress. "I’d like to thank Ranking Member Larson, Chairman Smith, and the Members of the Social Security Subcommittee for being here today. I’d also like to thank Mr. ...

Chairman Smith Opening Statement – Hearing on Social Security Fundamentals: A Fact-Based Foundation

April 26, 2023 — Press Releases

As prepared for delivery. "Thank you, Chairman Ferguson and Ranking Member Larson, for holding this hearing to lay out a fact-based foundation for us all to better understand the things this Committee needs to think about as it pertains to our jurisdiction over strengthening the Social Security program. "Social Security is vital to the retirement foundation of millions of ...

Chairman Smith: Limit, Save, Grow Act Follows Precedent of Pairing Spending Reforms with Debt Limit to Address America’s Fiscal Crisis

April 25, 2023 — Blog

Washington, D.C. – As President Biden continues to ignore years of precedent during which he previously supported negotiations over the inclusion of spending reforms to address America’s fiscal crisis as part of raising the debt limit, Republicans are taking action with the Limit, Save, Grow Act. As Republicans take up the common sense legislation this week, House ...

Chairman Smith: Bad News for Seniors Lurks Between the Lines of Medicare and Social Security Trust Fund Reports

April 01, 2023 — Blog

Washington, D.C. – House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith (MO-08) pointed to the negative impacts of Democrats’ reckless spending in a statement about the 2023 Medicare & Social Security Trustees Reports: “Thanks to President Biden’s economic failures, seniors’ hard-earned benefits are further under threat. Social Security’s combined trust ...

Ways and Means Approves Plan to Avoid Default and Protect Seniors, Military Families, and Veterans in Government Spending Decisions

March 09, 2023 — Blog

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the House Ways and Means Committee, led by Chairman Jason Smith (MO-08), favorably reported out the Default Prevention Act, which would prevent defaulting on our debt, along with an important amendment by Chairman Smith that protects seniors and requires the Biden Administration to put America’s veterans, military families, and national defense ...