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Work and Welfare

House Republicans Pass Limit, Save, Grow Act to Rein in Wasteful Spending and Grow the Economy

April 26, 2023 — Press Releases

WASHINGTON, DC – House Republicans today passed the Limit, Save, Grow Act to address the debt ceiling and implement commonsense spending reforms to limit wasteful spending, save taxpayer dollars, and grow the economy. This bill delivers on Republicans’ commitment to America by tackling the chronic labor shortage hurting small businesses while reining in President Biden’s ...

Factsheet: As Cost of Democrats’ Green Corporate Welfare Skyrockets, Big Business and China Profit (UPDATED)

April 25, 2023 — Blog

Working families and small businesses are realizing that Democrats’ latest green subsidy scheme will cost more than promised. Not only will their tax dollars go towards billion-dollar corporations, they will also flow to Chinese entities of concern and put American workers at a disadvantage. Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith (MO-08) released the following fact sheet with this ...

Chairman Smith: Limit, Save, Grow Act Follows Precedent of Pairing Spending Reforms with Debt Limit to Address America’s Fiscal Crisis

April 25, 2023 — Blog

Washington, D.C. – As President Biden continues to ignore years of precedent during which he previously supported negotiations over the inclusion of spending reforms to address America’s fiscal crisis as part of raising the debt limit, Republicans are taking action with the Limit, Save, Grow Act. As Republicans take up the common sense legislation this week, House ...

Ways and Means Chair Smith, Education and the Workforce Chair Foxx, Speaker McCarthy, and Republican Members of the California Delegation Call on President Biden to Abandon Nomination of Julie Su as Labor Secretary

April 06, 2023 — Blog

WASHINGTON, DC – American workers and businesses will face more regulation, mismanagement, and waste from Washington should the Senate confirm Julie Su as Labor Secretary, warned House Republicans today. In a letter to President Biden, Ways and Means ...

Top Poverty Experts Highlight Importance of Work Requirements During Ways and Means Subcommittee Hearing

March 31, 2023 — Blog

WASHINGTON, DC – On Wednesday, the House Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Work and Welfare held a hearing to discuss the United States’ broken welfare system, specifically looking at the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program and ways to provide more opportunities for individuals to experience the dignity of work and build a more prosperous future ...

Work and Welfare Subcommittee Chairman LaHood Opening Statement: Welfare is Broken – Restoring Work Requirements to Lift Americans Out of Poverty

March 29, 2023 — Blog

As prepared for delivery.   "Good afternoon and welcome. I want to thank everyone for joining us for today’s important hearing on how we can restore work requirements to lift more Americans out of poverty.   "My name is Darin LaHood and I represent Illinois’ 16th District, covering much of the central and northwestern parts of the ...