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HEARING: Chairman Nunes Announces Hearing on Advancing the U.S. Trade Agenda: Benefits of Expanding U.S. Agriculture Trade and Eliminating Barriers to U.S. Exports

June 11, 2014

Focus Of The Hearing
The focus of the hearing is on the benefits of U.S. agriculture trade to the U.S. economy and the challenges faced because of foreign barriers.  The hearing focus will include: (1) U.S. successes as the world’s largest agriculture exporter, including job creation and economic growth; (2) foreign tariff and non-tariff barriers faced by U.S. agriculture exports; and (3) how current and future trade negotiations and other efforts can reduce those barriers.

Witness List

Dermot Hayes
Professor, Pioneer Chair in Agribusiness, Iowa State University

Bob McCan
President, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Andrei Mikhalevsky
President and CEO, California Dairies Inc.

Ryan Turner
President, Westside Trading Company

Terence Stewart
Managing Partner, Stewart and Stewart