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HEARING: Chairmen Herger and Boustany Announce Hearing on AARP’s Organizational Structure and Finances

April 01, 2011

Focus Of The Hearing:
The hearing will examine AARP and its affiliates, revenue, charitable giving, Boards of Directors, and lobbying expenditures.

Chairman Herger Opening Statement

Chairman Boustany Opening Statement

Reichert Opening Statement

Witness List:


A. Barry Rand
Chief Executive Officer, AARP
Accompanied by, Lee Hammond, President, AARP Board of Directors
Testimony (Truth in Testimony)


William Josephson, J.D., Of Counsel
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP
Testimony (Truth in Testimony)

Frances R. Hill, J.D.,Ph.D
Professor, University of Miami School of Law
Testimony (Truth in Testimony)


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