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HEARING: Camp Announces Hearing on How the Tax Code’s Burdens on Individuals and Families Demonstrate the Need for Comprehensive Tax Reform

April 13, 2011 — Hearing   

Focus Of The Hearing:
The hearing will examine some of the difficulties that individuals and families face in navigating the current tax code, including both compliance burdens and challenges faced in making long-term financial decisions when confronted with confusing, overlapping, and frequently temporary tax preferences.


Alan Viard
Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Testimony    (Truth in Testimony)

Annette Nellen
CPA, Director, Masters of Science in Taxation Program, San Jose State University
Testimony  (Truth in Testimony)

Mark E. Johannessen
CFP, Managing Director, Harris – SBSB
Testimony  (Truth in Testimony)

Neil H. Buchanan
Associate Professor of Law, The George Washington University
Testimony  (Truth in Testimony)


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SUBCOMMITTEE: Full Committee