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HEARING: Chairman Johnson Announces Hearing on the President’s and Other Bipartisan Entitlement Reform Proposals

B-318 Rayburn House Office Building at 9:30 AM
April 18, 2013 — Hearing   

Focus Of The Hearing
The hearing will examine proposals by the President and bipartisan groups to more accurately measure inflation.

Witness List

The Honorable Erica L. Groshen,
Commissioner, accompanied by Michael W. Horrigan, Ph.D., Associate Commissioner, Office of Prices and Living Conditions, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor

Jeffrey Kling, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Economic Analysis, Congressional Budget Office

Ed Lorenzen
Executive Director, The Moment of Truth Project, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
(Truth in Testimony)

Nancy Altman
Co-Chair, Strengthen Social Security Coalition
(Truth in Testimony)

Charles P. Blahous III, Ph.D.
Trustee, Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees
(Truth in Testimony)


Chairman Johnson’s Opening Statement

SUBCOMMITTEE: Social Security