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Giving Empty Rhetoric a Bad Name

President Obama and Democrats Remain “Focused” on Jobs – Month after Month and Year after Year
November 10, 2011 — The Jobs Search   

Much attention has been given to President Obama’s continued “focus” on passage of the American Jobs Act.  As others have noted, looking back it seems that while the Obama Administration’s “focus” on job creation and their trillion dollar failed stimulus has received a lot of coverage for almost 3 years, it has yielded little in the way of actual job creation. 


Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.): “The president is focused like a laser on passing the American Jobs Act, on making sure we put people back to work.” ( November 9, 2011)

Then…and Then…and Then…and Then…and Then…


Source: Department of Labor unemployment rate data and Obama Administration projections.


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