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On the Road Again – and Again and Again

July 24, 2013 — The Jobs Search   

As the President heads back out on the road to talk about jobs, it is worth looking back at the “progress” that has been made since President Obama kicked off his first jobs road show in the summer of 2011.  Since then, Americans have continued to experience the slowest economic recovery in recorded history, including 2 million fewer jobs than promised, more part-time than full-time work, four times more labor force drop outs than new employees, and an unemployment rate stuck above 7.5% for the longest stretch in recorded U.S. history.

Now, as the President is set to take his jobs show on the road for the third year in a row, Americans still have the same question: “Where are the jobs?

 Stop  Date
 1. Cannon Falls, MN  8/15/11
 2. Peosta, IA  8/16/11
 3. Atkinson, IL  8/17/11
 4. Millers Creek, NC  10/17/11
 5. Emporia, VA  10/18/11
 6. Osawatomie, KS  12/6/11
 7. Shaker Heights, OH  1/4/12
 8. Petersburg, VA  3/9/12
 9. Boca Raton, FL  4/10/12
 10. Cleveland, OH  6/14/12
 11. Ashville, NC  2/13/13
 12. Chicago, IL  2/15/13
 13. Austin, TX  5/5/13
 14. Buffalo, NY  5/13/13
 15. Baltimore, MD  5/17/13
 16. Mooresville, NC  6/6/13
 17. Galesburg, IL  7/24/13
 18. Warrensburg, MO  7/24/13
 19. Jacksonville, FL  7/25/13

Source: White House


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