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Premiums Shoot Up 9 Percent After 1 Year of Democrats’ Health Care Law

Kaiser Health Benefits Survey Confirms Premiums Are Up, Not Down, Under Democrats’ Health Care Law
September 27, 2011 — The Prescription Pad   

Today, the Kaiser Family Foundation released its annual Health Benefits Survey, confirming yet again that President Obama broke his campaign promise to reduce health care premiums by $2,500.  The report finds that health care premiums in the workplace have increased 9 percent, or over $1,200 for an average American family, in the year following enactment of some of the earliest provisions of the Democrats’ health care law – a sharp increase from the 3 percent increase highlighted in last year’s Kaiser report.  Monthly health insurance premiums will continue to skyrocket if the federal mandates in the law are allowed to be implemented, which is why this law must be repealed and replaced with common sense solutions that reduce the cost of health coverage.