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Reuters: Caterpillar Cuts Another 2,500 Jobs

March 17, 2009 — In Case You Missed It...   

Colombia FTA Would Help Caterpillar, American Workers

Despite the President’s media tour of Caterpillar this year to tout the stimulus bill that passed in mid-February, the company announced another 2,500 layoffs today.  Adding to Caterpillar’s woes is Speaker Pelosi’s continued refusal to act on the U.S.-Colombia trade agreement.  Colombia is a major market for Caterpillar, and implementation of the trade agreement would eliminate high duties on the products that it manufactures in the United States for export to Colombia.  The U.S.-Colombia trade agreement is a powerful economic stimulus that doesn’t require one dime of government spending.

FACT: Implementation of the Colombia FTA would eliminate duties of up to $200,000 on each truck Caterpillar exports to Colombia.  The elimination of these duties would make Caterpillar’s exports more competitive and affordable, which means more exports of American-made equipment and more U.S. jobs.

FACT: In terms of the entire U.S. economy, the Colombia FTA would boost U.S. exports to Colombia by at least $1.1 billion – helping to protect, save and create good-paying American jobs. 

FACT: Congressional inaction is harming American workers.  It has been 847 days since the agreement was signed, but Speaker Pelosi continues to block a vote on the agreement.

FACT: In those 847 days, U.S. exporters have paid over $1.8 billion in unnecessary tariffs on American-made goods, amounting to $2 million each day. 


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