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Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Biden Budget Proposes Unemployment Fraud Measures Rejected by Ways and Means Democrats

March 13, 2023 — Blog

Washington, D.C. – President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2024 budget request includes several of the same fraud recovery and prevention measures Democrats railed against during the mark-up of Ways and Means Republicans’ Protecting Taxpayers and Victims of Unemployment Fraud Act (H.R. 1163), including: Allowing states to keep 5% of recovered overpayments of ...

Ways and Means Approves Plan to Recover Hundreds of Billions in Misspent, Stolen Unemployment Benefits

March 01, 2023 — Blog

WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday, the House Ways and Means Committee approved legislation to jumpstart recovery efforts on hundreds of billions of dollars of COVID unemployment insurance payments stolen by fraud. The Department of Labor Inspector General estimated that improper payments in pandemic unemployment programs have left taxpayers on the hook for at least $191 billion. ...

Chairman Smith Opening Statement: Markup of H.R. 1163, the Protecting Taxpayers and Victims of Unemployment Fraud Act

February 28, 2023 — Blog

As prepared for delivery "At the height of the COVID pandemic, government lockdowns shuttered Main Street businesses and kept American workers at home. Congress provided targeted and temporary support for workers and businesses – including through unemployment insurance. Unfortunately, that work was undermined, and many of those families fell victim to predatory fraudsters in ...

Smith, Comer, Ways and Means Republicans Introduce Legislation to Recover Hundreds of Billions in Stolen Unemployment Benefits

February 24, 2023 — Blog

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (MO-08) and House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (KY-01) were joined by Ways and Means Committee Republicans to introduce legislation to recover potentially hundreds of billions of dollars in stolen unemployment benefits. Up to $400 billion, ...

Ways and Means Republicans Seek Answers on Hundreds of Billions in Fraudulent Unemployment Benefits

February 08, 2023 — Blog

Washington, DC - After President Biden once again declared “the watchdogs are back” during the State of the Union yesterday, a hearing on unemployment insurance fraud convened by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (MO-08) revealed that the federal government still does not know exactly how much money was stolen by criminals in unemployment ...

Chairman Smith Opening Statement:  The Greatest Theft of Taxpayer Dollars – Unchecked Unemployment Fraud

February 07, 2023 — Blog

WASHINGTON, DC – House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (MO-08) shined a spotlight today on how Democrats, at every turn, blocked investigations into the greatest theft of taxpayer dollars in American history. In the new majority, Republicans are investigating what exactly is being done or not done to determine the size, scope, and severity of ...

Chairman Smith Calls for Long Overdue Investigation into COVID Unemployment Fraud

January 23, 2023 — Blog

WASHINGTON, DC –A historic theft of taxpayer dollars from COVID-era unemployment programs is facing increased scrutiny as a new report released today from the General Accountability Office (GAO) adds to the growing body of evidence. The report only scratches the surface of what is publicly known about the unprecedented scope, size, and ...