Surprise: Democrats Make it Easier to Increase, Harder to Cut Taxes

January 06, 2009 — Talking Points

Washington D.C. – Ways & Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI)issued the following statement today in response to a proposed Democratplan to amend the rule on the motion to recommit:“Today’s rule change makes it easier to raise taxes and makes itharder to cut them.  With this ploy it is clear that Speaker Pelosi andHouse Democrats have no intention of seriously debating how ...

Spreading the Wealth

November 03, 2008 — Facts Are Stubborn Things

The current debate has been marked by calls to “improve” the distribution of incomes in the U.S. by “spreading the wealth.”  Policies proposed to do so include: (1) raising taxes on “the rich,” and (2) increasing benefits (including “tax relief for non-taxpayers”) for lower-income households.  Often lost is a detailed understanding of who is at ...