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Boustany: Democrats Quick to Politicize Health Care in Stimulus

February 12, 2009 — Op-eds and Speeches

 Democrats Quick to Politicize Health Care in StimulusBy: Rep. Charles BoustanyAs liberal Democrats clamor to achieve the hopes of eight lost yearswith a new administration, many Americans simply look for jobs,economic security and lower health care costs. Their desire for changefalls far short of the current direction ...

Opening Statement and 10 Questions for H.R. 1 Conference Committee

February 11, 2009 — Opening Statements

(REMARKS AS PREPARED)Mr. Chairman, while it is clear we must act, we must ensure theaction we take actually stimulates the economy and lays the foundationfor real, sustained job creation in the private sector.  Much of thenegotiations and deals I have heard and read about, which took placebehind closed doors and before this conference even convened, seem ...

Despite Conference Committee Meeting- Republicans, Media, and American Public Still Without Bill Text

February 11, 2009 — Press Releases

After this evening’s conference committee meeting on the stimulus bill, at which Chairman Obey indicated the Congressional Budget Office was scoring bill text, yet no bill text was provided to conferees, no amendments were allowed, and only opening statements were made, Ranking Members Camp,  Lewis, and Grassley sent the following letter to Senate Appropriations  and Stimulus Conference ...

Lewis-Camp Letter Requests Open Meetings and Negotiations

February 10, 2009 — Press Releases

Washington D.C. - Ranking Members Camp (R-MI) and Lewis (R-CA) delivered the following letter to Chairmen Rangel and Obey requesting that any and all conference meetings and negotiations include representation from Republican Members.  The Honorable David Obey                                 The Honorable Charlie Rangel ...

State by State Breakout of Job Creation Under the Republican Substitute to H.R. 1

February 05, 2009 — Press Releases

The attached table lists the number of jobs that could be created in each state under the House Republican substitute to H.R. 1.  These estimates are derived from the results of applying Dr. Christina Romer’s economic analysis to the House Republican substitute which shows that the substitute could create 6.2 million jobs over the next ...

Bipartisan, Bicameral Deal Reached to Expand and Improve TAA Benefits, Helping Workers Adjust to Trade

February 05, 2009 — Press Releases

The bipartisan, bicameral Trade and Globalization Adjustment Assistance Act of 2009 – reflecting agreement among Senators Baucus and Grassley and Congressmen Rangel and Camp – significantly expands existing TAA programs.  Among other things, it extends TAA to trade-affected services sector workers and workers affected by offshoring or outsourcing to ...

Camp Statement on SCHIP

February 04, 2009 — Press Releases

Washington, DC - Ways & Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI) issued the following statement today after passage of children’s healthcare legislation that is woefully flawed.  The legislation is a thinly-veiled attempt to push individuals onto government-run healthcare with a stealth funding mechanism that requires the program to be ...

GDP Data Reaffirms; Americans Need a Plan that Will Create Jobs Now

January 30, 2009 — Press Releases

Ways & Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI) made the following statement on this morning’s GDP data:Washington D.C. - “This morning’s data simply reaffirm what Americans already know – our economy is hurting.  Congress can and should act to help American families and our economy through these difficult times.  Republicans have offered a plan ...

Summary of Camp-Cantor Substitute to H.R. 1

January 28, 2009 — Talking Points

Immediate Tax Relief and Assistance for Working Families:• Rate Reductions and AMT Relief:  Lowers, for 2009 and 2010, the bottom two income tax brackets from 10% to 5% and from 15% to 10%, respectively.  This will reduce the income taxes of every American who pays income taxes and will provide a maximum family benefit of almost $3,400 each year.  The substitute also ...