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Press Release
Camp Announces Release of the 2014 Green Book
November 25, 2014
Washington, DC – Today, Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) announced the release of the 2014 version of the Ways and Means Green Book, which is officially titled "Background Material and Data on the Programs within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Ways and Means." This document, prepared by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) under the direction of the staff of the Committee on Ways and Means, has served as an important reference for legislators, program administrato... More
The Jobs Search
Reality Check: Unemployment Has NOT Dropped Faster than the Administration Projected in Selling Their Failed Stimulus Plan
November 21, 2014
On Wednesday, the White House released a curious chart, attempting to show that unemployment “is dropping faster than projected.” The chart compared the actual unemployment rate with forecasts made by the Administration in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014: Notice something missing, given that the President took office in 2009? Specifically, where’s the “2009 Forecast” line? Here’s what that would look like (comparing the actual unemployment rate with the Administration’s projection in their infa... More
Floor Statements
Camp Statement for the Record Honoring National Adoption Day and National Adoption Month
November 21, 2014
This November, I am proud to celebrate National Adoption Month and also National Adoption Day, an important time to recognize those wonderful parents who have adopted children in need of a permanent, loving home. It’s also a time to remind ourselves of the thousands of children across the country who still remain in foster care, waiting for a family to call their own. Earlier this year, I was honored to recognize Midland County Probate Judge Dorene Allen as the 2014 Angel in Adoption award reci... More
Press Release
Inspector General Finds Billions in Payment Errors by Social Security Judges
November 19, 2014
Washington, DC – In a report released last week, the Social Security Administration (SSA) Office of Inspector General (OIG) revealed that several judges have wrongly awarded billions of dollars in Social Security Disability Insurance benefit payments. In response to the report, Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security Chairman Sam Johnson (R-TX) issued the following statement. “As we know through multiple Ways and Means Subcommittee hearings – and through a previous OIG report linking jud... More
Press Release
House and Senate Leaders Introduce Bill to End Social Security Benefits for Nazis
November 19, 2014
Washington, DC – Today, a bipartisan and bicameral group of lawmakers introduced legislation to terminate Social Security benefits for Nazi persecutors who receive them because of a loophole in current law. In the House, Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee Chairman Sam Johnson (R-TX), Subcommittee Ranking Member Xavier Becerra (D-CA), and 34 additional House members introduced H.R. 5739, the No Social Security for Nazis Act. In the Senate, Finance Committee Ranking Member Orrin Hatch (R-... More
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