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Ways & Means History

The Committee on Ways and Means, the oldest tax-writing body in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1789, shapes fiscal legislation including taxes, tariffs, and social service programs. Its notable influence is underscored by numerous members who have risen to prominent national offices, including Presidents and Supreme Court Justices.

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June 13, 2024

Chairman Smith Opening Statement – Hearing on the Crisis on Campus: Antisemitism, Radical Faculty, and the Failure of University Leadership

“Our investigation continues, but based on the evidence already gathered, we can easily see that many universities are failing their…

June 12, 2024

Chairman Smith: High Interest Rates to Fight “Bidenomics” Putting American Dream Out of Reach

“Every time that interest rates remain stuck at a 23-year high is more proof that ‘Bidenomics’ has been a financial…

June 12, 2024

Trade Subcommittee Chairman Smith Opening Statement – Hearing on Looking Beyond 2025 for Trade with Sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti, and Others

“These programs are designed to foster economic growth in some of the least developed economies in the world, while strengthening…

June 12, 2024

Chairman Smith Opening Statement – Hearing on Looking Beyond 2025 for Trade with Sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti, and Others

“Reauthorizing AGOA will ensure American taxpayers get a positive return on their investment.” As prepared for delivery. “Thank you Chairman…

June 12, 2024

As “Bidenflation” Robs Workers’ Wages, Biden Wants to Send Them a Bigger Tax Bill

“Families are having to stretch to dip into their savings and max out their credit cards because their paycheck doesn’t…

June 12, 2024

Work to Prevent Politicized Leaks of Private Taxpayer Information Continues Three Years After Initial IRS Leak

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Three years after ProPublica published what it described as a “massive trove” or a “vast cache” of IRS…

THREAD🧵You can’t make this stuff up.

Two years ago, President Biden announced a moratorium on tariffs that had been put in place to combat China’s unfair trade practices when it comes to solar product imports – essentially giving China a thumbs up while putting American

Antisemitism and all manifestations of hatred have no place on college campuses or anywhere within our country.

At our @WaysandMeansGOP hearing yesterday, I highlighted the troubling lack of accountability from college institutions and how the rise in the vile rhetoric and

Twitter feed video.

The IRS doesn’t have the authority to appoint itself as your tax preparer, filer, and auditor.

While Democrats praise this clear overreach, Ways and Means Republicans are fighting to ensure the IRS follows the rules Congress sets and is accountable to the American people.

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During our hearing, @repbethvanduyne asked Talia Dror to describe her experience at Cornell and her reaction to the failure of university leaders to appropriately respond to and condemn those spreading antisemitism and threats of violence. ...

Universities get generous benefits from taxpayers and shouldn’t be breeding grounds for anti-American and antisemitic sentiments to flourish. ...

It shouldn’t be hard for universities that enjoy generous tax benefits and receive federal tax dollars to put a stop to organizations on their campuses that threaten Jewish students with antisemitic propaganda. ...

My message to universities across America: Just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean our focus has shifted.

We will continue to investigate universities until they protect Jewish students from intimidation and harassment.

The Ways and Means Committee traveled to Scottsdale, AZ where we had the opportunity to hear from tribal leadership about how the U.S. government can lend a hand to tribal communities. ...

Providers should be focused on providing care to patients, not filling out a mountain of paperwork and other administrative tasks.

Burdensome regulations restrict patients’ access to care.