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Clear Majority of Americans Support Free Trade, Says Pew Survey

May 27, 2015

Fifty-eight percent—that’s how many Americans think trade agreements are good for the U.S., according to survey results released today by the Pew Research Center. Just 33 percent disagree. In other words, a majority of Americans support free trade.

The survey found that “majorities across income categories say free trade agreements have been a positive thing for the U.S.” and “a greater share [of Americans] says that trade agreements lead to economic growth than did so five years ago.”

But that’s not all. The survey also found other telling statistics, like:

  • Forty-three percent of Americans say free trade agreements have helped their families; that’s up from 26 percent in November 2010.
  • Support for American trade is a bipartisan affair: 62 percent of independents, 58 percent of Democrats, and 53 percent of Republicans all say free trade has been good for America.
  • In Americans under the age of 30, 69 percent say trade agreements have benefited the U.S.; 51 percent of those above age 50 agree.

To sum up: No matter one’s age, income bracket, or political affiliation, Americans across the board agree that free trade agreements are good for the country.

This isn’t a fluke. Earlier this month, an NBC News-Wall Street Journal survey found that the number of Americans who agree that free trade helps the economy is the highest it’s been in 15 years. With each new day—and new survey—it’s becoming increasingly clear that Americans want even stronger trade agreements that protect American interests.

And to get them, we must take the first step and pass trade promotion authority, or TPA—the partnership between Congress and the administration that ensures the U.S. secures the most effective trade agreements possible. TPA will bring greater transparency to the negotiating table and hold the administration accountable, all while bringing better jobs and higher wages to American workers. It’s time for Congress to put politics aside and listen to the American people. It’s time for Congress to pass TPA.