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Next at Bat: The Senate Takes Up TPA

June 23, 2015

Last week, the House of Representatives did its part in helping to deliver better trade deals for American workers. With bipartisan support, the House passed legislation to establish TPA, or trade promotion authority, a bill the Wall Street Journal called the “first step toward a return to the politics of growth over redistribution.” 

Now, TPA awaits final passage in the Senate, with the first vote later today. All eyes are on the upper chamber, and we’re confident the Senate will deliver just as the House did.

Over the past few months, House Republicans—especially members of the Ways and Means Committee—have worked tirelessly to build support for TPA, touting the transparency and accountability it will bring to trade negotiations. The result, as Real Clear Politics explained it, was a “strong coalition of support” in the House Republican conference.

Our members had a clear message: TPA is a win for conservatives, a win for national security, and a win for our economy. The Washington Post editorial board applauded their hard work, writing, “There was too much at stake for the country, economically and geopolitically, to let opponents have the last word.”

The Orlando Sentinel editorial board also recognized the imperative for reauthorizing TPA. Since the last TPA legislation expired in 2007, our competitors have been cutting deals to “secure favorable access to markets for their companies and workers,” forcing America to watch from the sidelines.

But the game’s not over yet. By enacting TPA, America will once again be able to lead the charge in the global economy, a message not lost among our members. As Chairman Ryan said after House passage, the vote proved “we can still do big things in this country.”

Now that the House has done its part to ensure TPA makes it to the president’s desk for signature, attention turns to the Senate. So, today, we say to our colleagues in the Senate, “Let’s get this done.” The world is watching. And a lot is at stake.