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Protecting Taxpayers from a Lawless Administration

July 21, 2016

President Obama’s time in office has been marked by unprecedented executive overreach. Over the last seven years, Administration officials have gone to new lengths — circumventing Congress, disregarding the Constitution, and breaking the law — to impose a Washington-knows-best agenda on the American people.

Specifically, the Administration has:

As Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Peter Roskam (R-IL) described it at a recent hearing:

There is this feeling … that it’s okay to cut down laws, it’s okay to cut through things in cloaking ourselves in good intentions. It’s a dangerous game.

“If we accept this then – mark my words – there will come a day when there’s going to be a different administration or a different disposition or a different attitude and we’re going to say ‘Where were the people who should’ve stood up for these things at the time?’” 

House Republicans are standing up against this lawless Administration — defending the separation of powers and holding the executive branch accountable to the people it is expected to serve.

Ways and Means Republicans are leading several investigations into the Administration’s unprecedented actions and will not stop until America’s workers, families, taxpayers, and job creators get the answers they deserve.

Specifically, the Committee has:

Ways and Means will continue to investigate the Administration’s actions and hold Administration officials accountable.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Committee’s oversight efforts.