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ICYMI—Chairman Brady Talks Tax and Health Care Reform with Larry Kudlow

November 14, 2016

On Saturday, Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined Larry Kudlow on his weekly radio show to discuss the Ways and Means Committee’s commitment to working with President-elect Trump on tax reform and health care reform in 2017. Read excerpts of the interview below.

On advancing Ways and Means priorities: 

“I have something no other Chairman in recent history has, which is a green light from our Speaker—in this case Paul Ryan—to do big things: tax reform, health care reform, welfare reform, and Medicare. All those big issues that we’ve always dreamed of doing, we’ve got a Speaker and leadership who are saying ‘bring it on’ in a big way.”

On the goal of pro-growth tax reform:

“Our goal in this tax plan is instead of a tax code designed to wring money from you, we want a tax code built for growth—growth of wages, of jobs, of the U.S. economy. And we want to leapfrog America back in the lead pack of the best places on this planet to make that investment, to bring that new manufacturing and research plant.” 

On details of the House Republican Tax Reform Blueprint:

“We’re going all in for growth with the lowest tax rates in modern history for every type of business. We redesigned the code so we can compete and win anywhere in the world, especially here at home. Second big reform is we’re proposing for families and individuals a tax code so clear and simple, more than 95 percent of Americans will be able to file using a simple postcard-style system. Then, finally, we bust up the IRS. We redesign it. Because we are proposing a much simpler tax code, we proposed to redesign it for a fairer and simpler tax collector … We’re not going to tweak a few things and call it a day. We’re going for big, bold, game-changing, leapfrog tax reform.” 

On the House Republican plan to create patient-centered health care:

“What we’re proposing, in short, is to eliminate all those [Obamacare] mandates and taxes and 159 federal agencies in between you and your doctor and replace them with more freedom than any American’s ever had …What we’re proposing is a health care backpack that can go with people from job to job, state to state, home to start a business or family, even in retirement. A backpack and health care tailored to your needs throughout your lifetime … In the 21st century, Americans need to control their health care.”