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NEW VIDEO SERIES: #TaxReformTuesday Featuring Rep. Peter Roskam

February 07, 2017

Today, Ways and Means Republicans are launching a new video series entitled “Tax Reform Tuesday.” Each Tuesday, we will release a new video from one of our Members discussing how our pro-growth tax reform Blueprint will improve the lives of people in their communities and across the country.

CLICK the above image to watch Tax Policy Subcommittee Chairman Peter Roskam (R-IL) kick off the #TaxReformTuesday series.

Here’s what Chairman Roskam had to say:

“I’m Congressman Peter Roskam, and I represent the 6th District of Illinois, which is suburban Chicago.

“Here’s what I know. Our tax code is a disaster, our tax code is 30 years old, and our tax code is too complicated. And it’s really not working for us.

“This place—Capitol Hill—is supposed to work for people. And we are determined to reform this tax code.  

“Number one: to make it so our economy can grow again. 

“Number two: to make it simpler for people

“And number three: making sure it is a service-oriented Internal Revenue Service that is serving people, not going after people. 

“Every Tuesday we’re going to be presenting new information across the country about how we propose to do this. I hope you’ll stay tuned at”

ICYMI: CLICK HERE to watch Chairman Roskam discuss tax reform in 2017 at The Heritage Foundation.