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Democrats Put Politics Before Patients

October 31, 2019

Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats are ramming through H.R. 3, the Fewer Cures for Patients Act.

This partisan legislation:

  • Results in Fewer Cures: H.R. 3 will stop drug creators from developing less life-saving treatments.
    • These are the medicines that could be the answer to Alzheimer’s, ALS, and cancer.  Government price controls and the threat of huge tax increased will dramatically hurt drug creators abilities to research and innovate. The costliest cure is the one that never got developed.
  • Delays Access to New Medicines: H.R. 3 will stop life-saving cures from getting to the patients who need them most.
    • Government price-setting leads to patient access restrictions, resulting in fewer and delayed treatments.  Instead of working toward a cure to end cancer, H.R. 3 tells drug creators to make eyelash extensions
  • Empowers European Bureaucrats and China to Set Prices: We know from experience that fewer new medicines are available when governments set the cost.
    • Today, Americans have access to all 270 global new medicines that have been discovered from 2011-2018.  In Canada, hardly half of patients have access to these cures.
  • Has Zero Chance at Becoming Law: The Senate has said that this dangerous legislation is already dead on arrival.
    • The President has made it a priority to work together to lower drug prices this year – he has never said we should stop life-saving cures from being developed in doing so.
  • Throws Away Months of Bipartisan Work: The top Democrat and Republican on the Ways and Means Committee put their name on a proposal to lower drug prices.  H.R. 3 throws away that work.
    • There are over 40 bipartisan drug policies that are ready to become law.  This dangerous legislation ignores all of them.


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