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NEWSFLASH: Democrats’ So-Called ‘Compromise’ Still Sends American Jobs Overseas

April 20, 2021

Intent on wasting American taxpayer money on spending that barely even touches infrastructure, Democrats want hardworking Americans to pay the price–with tax hikes that will slash paychecks, raise prices, and kill jobs.

According to Axios, Democrats have offered what only they could call a “compromise” – tax hikes that would still push Americans’ jobs overseas, and threaten their wages.

As Americans for Tax Reform points out, any federal tax hike would add to the taxes already in place among states.

The American people know that tax hikes are contagious, and readily spread beyond their targets, like to consumers and employees.


  • Instead of protecting America’s economic recovery, Democrats plan to raise taxes in a way that guarantees Americans’ jobs get sent overseas.
  • As the Tax Foundation put it: Biden’s plan could make the U.S. a less attractive place to do business in and to do business from.
  • European leaders have already signaled they won’t raise their taxes at the Biden Administration’s request.