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Fact Check: Dems’ War on Work Raised Recession Risks & Held Back Returning to Work

May 06, 2022

When GOP states opted to end Democrats’ lavish unemployment benefits early, more Americans joined the workforce, according to a new study

The St. Louis Fed found that had states across the country ended unemployment bonuses, employment would have increased by 1.6 million jobs – bolstering our economic recovery. 

This report echos the findings of similar studies that confirmed Democrats held back our recovery by keeping workers disconnected from their jobs. Now, the U.S. is teetering toward recession, with the economy, paychecks, and labor force participation rate all shrinking.

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Our Economy is Struggling.

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Main Street is Struggling Under Bidenflation. 

Democrats’ Crippling Tax Hikes Would Worsen Bidenflation and Destroy U.S. Jobs. 

  • Inflation is already 276 percent higher than predicted by Biden’s budget last year because of higher spending
  • Higher taxes will also result in higher prices for consumers. American families paid a $5,000 inflation tax in 2021 and view Washington spending as a big part of the problem.
  • A study by the Tax Foundation found that President Biden’s tax hikes would destroy at least 138,000 U.S. jobs.
  • While the White House continues to blame everyone but their own policies for fueling 40-year high inflation, even some moderate Democrats are warning that government spending sent prices soaring and Americans should brace for higher and longer inflation ahead.