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Other Countries Lower Business Tax Rates to Fight Inflation, Democrats Seek Tax Hikes

May 19, 2022

The Biden Administration created the inflation crisis and is now doubling down on crippling tax hikes and spending at the worst possible time, Republican Leader on the Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Fox News.

“We have a President going in the opposite direction, exactly at the wrong time for families and workers,” Rep. Brady warned in a conversation with Charles Payne.


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Inflation is a crisis the Biden Administration created and cannot fix:


“The numbers right now for them are really bad. Inflation has been accelerating. You probably noticed, the last three months, we’re averaging 9.9 percent inflation for consumers. And for the last almost half a year, double digit on wholesale prices, which means those are going to come into those consumer prices.” 


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While other countries are lowering taxes to fight inflation, President Biden wants to raise taxes at the worst possible time for families and workers:

“Charles, four countries are lowering their business tax rate to fight inflation knowing those taxes end up in the bottom line for consumers in higher prices.

“We have a President going in the opposite direction, exactly at the wrong time for families and workers.”

“They still don’t recognize why more workers should be a focus and how it helps us on inflation and pricing. We don’t have the people to assemble the products, man the production lines, deliver them or service them.”


We can fight inflation, by making workers the top priority, stop the emergency spending, and help the supply side of the economy:


“They’re doubling down on taxes and spending. If they were smart, they would make number one priority getting workers back on the job. 


“Their second priority would be to stop the COVID-era spending and get that out of the budget. 


“The third is: Let’s do more on the supply side, encourage businesses with lower rates to invest in the supply chains and all of those technologies and equipment that would allow us to move out of this inflation.”

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