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Gas Prices Reach Record High During Americans’ Memorial Day Weekend Travel

June 01, 2022

As American families took to the roads for Memorial Day weekend travel, the average cost of a gallon of gas hit $4.62. This increase results in part from President Biden and congressional Democrats’ war on traditional energy and would be made worse by their threat to raise taxes by $145 billion on Made-in-America oil and gas, pipeline and refining firms—killing over 1 million jobs, raising fuel prices even further, and leaving America more dependent on foreign oil.

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As the New York Post reports:

“Analysts predict that more states will cross the $5-per-gallon average by the Fourth of July holiday as demand is expected to increase while supply remains tight.”


  • President Biden Doesn’t Have a Plan to Fight Inflation: President Biden claimed that inflation peaked in December, but it has continued to rise every month afterwards.
  • As Democrats Attack American-Made Energy, Families Suffer: Skyrocketing gas prices will now cost the average American household an extra $2,800 per year. Just this year, families will spend $5,000 on gas, a 78 percent increase from a year ago.

A recent survey found that 69 percent of Americans plan to travel this summer, with gas prices and inflation topping the list of concerns, surpassing COVID.