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Brady: ‘Gas Tax’ Gimmick is Insulting and Insignificant in Cruel Biden Economy

June 22, 2022

President Biden’s gas tax gimmick will do nothing to help families suffering in the cruel Biden economy, warned Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) on “The Evening Edit” on Fox Business. Even though Biden-Flation has wiped out the savings of 26 million low-income households, President Biden is doubling down on the same failed policies that have made recession inevitable


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President Biden’s gas tax gimmick is insignificant and almost insulting.


“This is insignificant and it’s sort of insulting. Insignificant, because for the average driver, it works out to seven dollars savings over the three months. That’s insulting, because families are going to pay an extra $2,800 this year in higher fuel prices. It’s a gimmick. It really is insulting. The truth of the matter is, we live in a very cruel Biden economy and this isn’t going to help families anyway.”


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The gas tax holiday doesn’t address the core issue driving higher gas prices.


“Even this tiny, temporary, little 18-cent savings will be eaten up by inflation. You have to go to the core issue–we’ve got to produce more, refine more, ship more here in America. As long as he is wed to the Green New Deal, we’re not going to see the relief.”


The President’s $2 trillion so-called covid stimulus drove inflation by fueling a working shortage.


“The President really took his eye off the pandemic with his $2 trillion inflation-driving American Rescue Plan. One of the big inflation drivers was when he was paying people more to stay home than reconnect with their job. We still have that hangover. 


“That is why we have this worker crisis, and it’s going to drive inflation higher and longer. Not to mention, we’ve still got those looming tax hikes on Main Street businesses. That will fuel more inflation as well.”


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Biden-Flation has wiped out the savings of 26 million low-income families.


“What worries me is a new report that shows Biden-Flation has been so cruel, it’s wiped out the savings of 26 million low-income families. The people getting crushed are at the lowest income level and it’s wiped out their savings. Most Americans will tell you they’re dipping into their savings to try to meet those basic needs. 


“The President’s failing in every economic measurement there is and he still wants to double down on more of the same policies that got us here.”


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If the White House wanted to get serious about addressing 40-year high inflation and the skyrocketing price of gas, they would stop the gimmicks and work with Republicans to unleash American energy.


“President Biden’s approach to energy has been shameful hypocrisy. Coming from Texas, we’ve seen this Administration immediately canceling pipelines, leasing permits, and sales. They’re squeezing the finances on American-made oil and gas, they’re doing everything to kill this industry off. 


“The President brags about that to his Green New Deal friends. He is trying to play both sides of the fence, but he can’t believe the American people are that stupid, because they’re not. They’re getting this in a big way.”


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