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Brady: President Biden’s Cruel Economy Wiped Out Savings of 26 Million Families

June 23, 2022

President Biden’s cruel economy is headed for a recession, and his latest “gas tax holiday” is just another insulting gimmick that won’t provide any meaningful relief for struggling families, Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on “I’m Right” with Jesse Kelly on The First TV.


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The White House’s “gas tax holiday” is a gimmick and won’t provide any relief for struggling families.


“It’s insignificant. It’s insulting. It is a gimmick. And at a time when most families will pay $2,800 more this year for fuel under Joe Biden, a few cents is really insulting. This President is desperate. Poll numbers are at a record low. Most Americans either feel like they’re in a recession or soon to be in a recession. I noticed a new report that showed Bidenflation has wiped out the savings of 26 million low-income families. So in other words, all these higher prices have wiped out every dime that they had in savings. President Biden has a cruel economy.”


ONE-PAGER: White House’s ‘Gas Tax Holiday’ is a Gimmick


Fears of recession are widespread after Democrats sabotaged our economic recovery and are promising to make matters worse.


“Everyone believes we are headed to a recession, if not already in one, including most economists, every chief financial officer, and most Americans. And by the way, under this President, the economy actually shrank last quarter, is likely to shrink again, and most people think the second half of the year is going to get worse. My point in all this is: Mr. President, you created this recession.” 


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Democrats are concealing the true costs of their Green New Deal agenda and war on American energy.


“The curtain got pulled back on the true price of the Green New Deal and the war on American traditional oil and gas. We’re going to see the price go up farther until the President changes his ways. He’s trying to play both sides of the fence: Demand American oil and gas do more – even though they’re hitting record numbers – but telling the climate extremists ‘I’m your guy.’ The truth is the American people are seeing through it. They know exactly why they’re paying these high prices.”

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