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Brady: With a Recession on the Horizon, American Families Brace for a Cruel Holiday Season

November 16, 2022

Ahead of the holiday season, Biden-Flation delivers rising prices for small business owners and American families, Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins.


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With a recession around the corner, American families are bracing for their paychecks to continue shrinking.


“There are many experts who believe that prices won’t really peak until sometime next summer. We’ve had two months where the inflation for our local businesses have moderated or come down just slightly. But as you noted, eight percent inflation is about four times higher than any country ought to be tolerating. It is still very cruel. 


“If you want to know, as a family, what you’ll be paying in the future, look at what businesses are paying for their products and resources right now. Ultimately, that ends up hitting your pocketbook. So inflation is very persistent, it is very high. For the second month in a row, prices on goods rose far beyond expectations. That’s not good news for the Christmas season and the holiday season for consumers and families.”


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Republicans’ Commitment to America will deliver for American families.


“We’re focused on what matters to families. They have such a cruel economy right now. They’re dipping into savings. They are skipping meals. Many of them are delaying their retirement. They can’t buy homes anymore. It’s just not affordable. Their take on their future is very bleak right now, and it’s because of Joe Biden. 


“They need our pro-growth policies that can reduce inflation. We ought to focus on how we help those working families. 


“Secondly, if you’re not safe in your home and safe in your neighborhood or safe in your country, you don’t have a good quality of life. Whether it’s the border security issues or local crime, we are going to need more investment here.”


Republicans will hold the Biden Administration accountable for its abuses of power.


“We’ve had two years where Democrats have kept what the government is doing in the dark. Republicans need to pull back the curtain and let the public see what’s happening, whether it’s the greatest theft of American tax dollars in unemployment fraud, or why they can’t even get their tax return sent back to them. They’d like to know what is happening on the border and a number of those issues. Holding Washington accountable in a way that helps families and workers back home is going to be very important.”


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