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Thanksgiving Dinner Gobbles Up 20 Percent More of Americans’ Paychecks

November 19, 2022

A Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings will cost families 20 percent more this year compared to last year, with the price of a 16-pound turkey averaging nearly $30. According to the American Farm Bureau survey, Thanksgiving’s feast is up nearly 37 percent from 2020.

This comes as a new report shows three in five Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, with the Dallas Federal Reserve finding that workers have lost a month’s worth of wages from Biden-Flation.

Instead of addressing Americans’ recession and inflation concerns, the White House has doubled down on their failed economic policies. Americans need real relief from inflation, which is why Republicans are committed to delivering an economy that’s strong.

Key Takeaways:

Thanksgiving trimmings gobble up more of workers’ paychecks. 

  • Families on average will spend $64.05, or 20 percent more than last year, on a classic Thanksgiving feast for 10.
  • In 2020, families spent closer to $46.90 on a classic Thanksgiving dinner.
  • A recent inflation report found that food consumed at home is up 12 percent.

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American families are suffering in Biden’s cruel economy. 

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Republicans will hold the Biden Administration accountable and deliver a stronger economy.

  • Ways and Means Republicans have vowed to track down the waste of taxpayer dollars, fight for transparency, and hold the Administration accountable for its unprecedented executive overreach.
  • From making the historic GOP tax cuts permanent, to rolling back burdensome federal regulations, Republicans are committed to creating a stronger economy for American workers.

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