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A. Smith Bill to Help Ease Infant Formula Shortage Signed into Law

July 26, 2022 — Blog    — Press Releases    — Trade   

American parents and caregivers are still struggling to keep their children fed amidst the Biden Administration’s slow response to a nationwide baby formula shortage and supply chain crises.


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Now, President Biden has signed a bipartisan bill to temporarily suspend tariffs on FDA-approved infant formula, led by Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE), Republican Leader of the House Ways and Means Committee’s Trade Subcommittee.


Rep. Smith released the following statement:


“I thank President Biden for signing the Formula Act. No family should worry whether shelves will be stocked with the formula they need to feed their infants. 


“While I certainly wish the president would have acted sooner—and we’re still waiting on a comprehensive plan to address the shortage of infant formula—families need action now. 


“This measure will help make formula more accessible and affordable by easing tariffs on imported, FDA-approved products while domestic production ramps back up. This is a step in the right direction, but our work cannot end here. We must ensure a crisis like this never happens again.”



  • Working women haven’t had it this bad in decades: they’re seeing a dangerous baby formula shortage, rising crime, rising prices, and woman-owned businesses are facing both a worker shortage and double digit inflation on the things they buy.
  • HHS Secretary Becerra knew about this shortage since last year, yet the FDA only took steps to reopen a critical U.S. manufacturing facility in May.
  • In June, Smith was the Republican co-lead on H.R. 8174, the Affordable and Accessible Infant Formula Act. 
  • On July 13, 2022, the Formula Act (H.R. 8351) was introduced with minor technical changes to mirror Senator Mike Lee’s (R-UT) bill. H.R. 8351 overwhelmingly passed the House on a 421-2 vote on July 15, 2022, and passed the Senate unanimously on July 21, 2022. On Friday, the White House announced President Biden had signed the bill. 


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