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Facts Are Stubborn Things

The Democrats’ Definition of Bipartisanship?

January 23, 2009 — Facts Are Stubborn Things

Outside of the White House today, Speak Pelosi claimed that Republican voices have been heard in the  discussion of the House Democrat's trillion-dollar spending bill. Majority Leader Hoyer went as far as to say, “This week, the Appropriations, Ways and Means, and Energy and Commerce Committees held markups on the American Recovery ...

Spreading the Wealth

November 03, 2008 — Facts Are Stubborn Things

The current debate has been marked by calls to “improve” the distribution of incomes in the U.S. by “spreading the wealth.”  Policies proposed to do so include: (1) raising taxes on “the rich,” and (2) increasing benefits (including “tax relief for non-taxpayers”) for ...