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Facts Are Stubborn Things

Debunking Democrat Myths About the Child Tax Credit

December 13, 2021 — Blog

Good jobs and rising paychecks do more to lift Americans out of poverty than dependence on never-ending government checks. There are a number of factors contributing to poverty. Rewarding work and helping the poor become self-sufficient is the surest path out of poverty. Democrats historically opposed expanding the Child Tax Credit. In the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of ...

Top Five Reasons Democrats’ Welfare Expansion Fails Struggling Families and Threatens Jobs Recovery

October 19, 2021 — Blog

Coming out of a pandemic, the last thing Americans need are higher prices, fewer jobs, and the largest expansion of our welfare state in a lifetime.   Here are the top five reasons Democrats’ welfare state expansion will fail America's needy families, and threaten our jobs recovery.   1. Democrats’ dangerous expansion of the welfare state disincentivizes work and ...