Reason #20: Median Household Income Is Down $2,000 during the “Recovery”

Why Senate Democrats Should Act on 40 House-Passed Jobs Bills
July 28, 2014 — The Jobs Search   

Median Household Income Is Down $2,000 during the “Recovery.”  As of May 2014, U.S. median household income is down by $2,061 from June 2009, when the Obama “recovery” began.


Source: CBS MoneyWatch, The Main Reason the U.S. Economy Isn’t Doing Better.


As introduced on June 17, 2014, Ways and Means Chairman Camp is listing 40 reasons for the Senate to pass the 40 jobs bills the House has already approved.  The reasons define the distress Americans continue to feel in the “new normal” of high unemployment and weak job creation resulting from Obama Administration economic policies. 

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