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POLL: Four in Five Americans Say U.S. is Headed Toward Recession

May 20, 2022

For a majority of Americans, a recession is a “looming reality” not a “mere threat” according to a recent Quinnipiac poll. They hold President Biden responsible – 63 percent disapprove of President Biden’s handling of the economy.

At least 85 percent of Americans believe the U.S. will be in recession in the next year, as rising costs rob more of workers’ paychecks. This comes as most Americans believe the country is headed down the “wrong track.” Those polled were comprised of 25 percent who identified as Republicans, 25 percent as Democrats, and 50 percent who don’t identify with a party.

Democrats’ answer to Americans’ concerns? Crippling tax hikes, blame games, and gimmicks

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Democrats’ Tax Hikes Would Worsen Bidenflation. 

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Democrats Have Pushed the Economy to the Brink of Recession.

  • President Biden and congressional Democrats’ $2 trillion so-called COVID stimulus fueled this inflation fire, with former Obama-Biden White House economic advisor Jason Furman attributing at least 2.5 percent of current inflationary pressure to the massive bill. 
  • President Biden’s economic policies have been so disastrous and inflationary, that since March of 2022, nearly 40 economists have raised concerns about a looming recession. 
  • Even the left-leaning Vox is covering the inflation crisis, citing experts who admit that Democrats’ $2 trillion so-called stimulus botched the recovery and made inflation worse. 

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Democrats Have Refused to Work with the GOP to Fight Inflation.

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