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Supercharged IRS

The new Manchin-Biden Build Back Better bill allots $80 billion in new funding for the IRS – more than six times the agency’s current annual budget.

Included in the $80 billion is funding to send 87,000 new IRS agents after you and your family-owned business on the belief that everyone is a tax cheat. The IRS has already been targeting lower and middle income earners, yet Democrats want to hire new IRS agents to audit individuals and small businesses. They’ve also promised to revive their invasive bank surveillance scheme.

Democrats Fail to Protect Middle Class From IRS Audits

August 17, 2022 — 'Inflation Reduction Act'

Democrats voted against guardrails that would have protected lower- and middle- income taxpayers from more audits as a result of supercharging the IRS with 87,000 new agents.   Instead, they hope you’ll just “take their word for it” that the IRS won’t target American families who are living paycheck to paycheck. Various news outlets have circulated these claims as ...

WSJ: IRS Expansion to Collect Billions from Middle-Class Audits

August 15, 2022 — 'Inflation Reduction Act'

Lower- and middle-income earning Americans are the primary target in the IRS expansion in Democrats’ Manchin-Biden bill, which will unleash 87,000 new agents to increase audits on American taxpayers.   New analysis from the nonpartisan ...

Smith: Families Struggling with Record-High Inflation Don’t Need More IRS Audits

August 12, 2022 — 'Inflation Reduction Act'

Democrats’ Manchin-Biden Build Back Better paves the way for more audits on hard-working taxpayers instead of offering relief for American families struggling with inflation, Republican Leader on the Trade Subcommittee Rep. Adrian Smith (R-TX) writes in an op-ed for Fox News. Democrats rejected Republican efforts to safeguard low- and middle- income taxpayers from ...

Brady Closes Debate: American Families and Small Businesses Suffering in Cruel Economy Will Suffer Even More with this Bill

August 12, 2022 — 'Inflation Reduction Act'

“This is a sad day for struggling American families and Main Street businesses. This economy is cruel enough. But by voting to turn this hoax into law, Democrats are inflicting one more act of cruelty,” Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said in closing remarks during House floor debate on the Manchin-Biden Build Back Better bill.  

Even Treasury Admits Potential for New IRS Audits of Middle Class

August 11, 2022 — 'Inflation Reduction Act'

Democrats are scrambling to pass a plan that would include the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents making the agency larger than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol combined. But while Democrats claim these agents will be used against large ...

Seven Democrat Myths about the Manchin-Biden Build Back Better Bill

August 11, 2022 — 'Inflation Reduction Act'

In their final push to pass the Manchin-Biden Build Back Better bill, Democrats are misleading the American people about what their bill would do.    Now, the public is scrambling to understand what’s in this 700+ page bill and worried about higher prices, audits, fewer cures, more expensive health care.   Myth #1: This bill lowers ...