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What Happened Since Extended Unemployment Benefits Ended?

April 09, 2014 — The Jobs Search

While it operated, the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program provided record amounts of financial assistance to over 24 million long-term unemployed individuals.  The EUC program provided record weeks of unemployment benefits per person (a total of up to 99 weeks of all unemployment benefits in many states, far ...

Having It Both Ways?

January 07, 2014 — The Jobs Search

THENOctober 2009 - unemployment rate 10.0%; debt $7.5 trillionWhen an extension of federal unemployment benefits was paid for, the Obama Administration supported in a

Apparently It Wasn’t a “Well Designed Recovery Plan”

November 12, 2013 — The Jobs Search

Rhetoric“A well designed recovery plan will not only create numerous jobs, but also many jobs paying good wages and providing full-time employment.”Obama Administration’s “Romer-Bernstein Report” on the supposed job effects of their trillion-dollar 2009 stimulus plan. 

Part-Time Nation

August 05, 2013 — The Jobs Search

The headlines citing last week’s jobs report as the lowest unemployment rate in years may have been technically accurate, but they are also reminders that looks can be deceiving.  The reality, as you dig into the latest jobs data, reveals that few are finding the full-time ...

Get Ready For Full Employment, America

July 25, 2013 — The Jobs Search

Then“US President Barack Obama vowed Saturday to work tirelessly to get unemployed Americans back to work now that new statistics have shown a slight improvement on the job creation front. ‘My commitment to you, the American people, is that I will focus every single day on how we can get people back to work, and ...

On the Road Again – and Again and Again

July 24, 2013 — The Jobs Search

As the President heads back out on the road to talk about jobs, it is worth looking back at the “progress” that has been made since President Obama kicked off his first